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Portable air purification system.(NEW PRODUCTS)

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Portable air purification system.(NEW PRODUCTS)

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Portable air purification system.(NEW PRODUCTS)

Groundwater organic pollutions are found in large amount of locations,and the pollutions are widely spread once onset;which is hard to identify and control.The key process to control and govern groundwater pollution is how to control the sources of pollution and reduce the danger to groundwater.This paper introduced typical contaminated sites as an example;then carried out the source identification studies and established groundwater organic pollution source identification system,finally applied the system to the identification of typical contaminated sites.First,grasp the basis of the contaminated sites of geological and hydrogeological conditions;determine the contaminated sites characteristics of pollutants as carbon tetrachloride,from the large numbers of groundwater analysis and test data;then find the solute transport model of contaminated sites and compound-specific isotope techniques.At last,through groundwater solute transport model and compound-specific isotope technology,determine the distribution of the typical site of organic sources of pollution and pollution status;invest identified potential sources of pollution and sample the soil to analysis.It turns out that the results of two identified historical pollution sources and pollutant concentration distribution are reliable.The results provided the basis for treatment of groundwater pollution.


The use of an installed plant air system as a breathing air supply poses several problems, including the potential for contamination of the air, the chance for rapid loss of air without warning, inconvenient locations of outlet stations, and poor control over air quality, flow, and pressure. It is possible to solve these problems without requiring major modifications to the installed air system by examining the breathing air supply route as a whole and utilizing an add-on adaptor to convert the output of the plant air system into a reliable, pure, and convenient source of breathing air for respirator users. The breathing air control and purification unit described in this article functions as just such an adaptor by purifying plant service air, controlling the distribution of this purified air to up to four respirator users, monitoring for the presence of carbon monoxide, and providing respirator users, monitoring for the presence of carbon monoxide, and providing alarms and a reserve air supply to protect against a loss of service air pressure.

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