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Evaluation and selection of regeneration of waste lubricating oil technology

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Evaluation and selection of regeneration of waste lubricating oil technology

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Lubricant is one of the important resources that cannot be disposed of randomly due to the presence of pollutants. In response to economic efficiency and environmental protection, there is a growing trend of regeneration and reuse of waste lubricant. However, the technologies shall be compared to provide a useful reference for the use of waste lubricant. The major aim of this paper is to use analytic hierarchy process to select, analyze, and compare the regenerative technologies, thus laying a basis for the governmental bodies in policy making of lubricant recovery as well as for industrial operators in deciding the recovery methods.Lubricating oil is the second largest petroleum products except the fuel.It will become the waste oil after being used for a period of time.So the waste lubricating oil recycling is very important,which could not only save oil resources,but also protect the environment and prevent oil pollution.Based on the research of the regeneration process of waste oil from home and abroad,this study pointed the trend of regeneration techniques of waste lubricating oil.

To investigate the behavior of failure and recycling of lubricating oils, three sorts of typical 10w-40 lubricating oils used in heavy-load vehicle including the new oil, waste oil and regeneration oil regenerated by self-researched green regeneration technology were selected. The tribology properties were tested by four-ball friction wear tester as well. The results indicated that the performance of anti-extreme pressure of regeneration oil increase by 34.1% compared with the waste one and its load- carrying ability is close to the new oil; the feature of wear spot are better than those of the waste oil and frictional coefficient almost reach the level of the new oil's. As a result, the performance of anti-wear and friction reducing are getting better obviously.


Our HLA multi-function waste oil recycling system provides a high-efficient solution for used motor oil.This system can produce the base oil from black dirty engine oil, waste lube oil, crude oil, car oil, motor oil, waste plastic oil, and waste rubber oil after through catalytic distillation. Featured with low operation cost, high degree of automation, high quality and quantity of refined oil, the multi-function waste oil recycling system is a advisable choose for you.

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