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The New Oil Purifier Technology To Clean Hydraulic Oil 

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The New Oil Purifier Technology To Clean Hydraulic Oil 

Release date:2018-01-04 16:25 source: clicks:

According to the need for high features of hydraulic oil used in excavation equipment of coal mine,a new depuration equipment for cleaning the hydraulic oil used in excavation equipment is designed,because it is installed on the bypath of excavation equipment,it is easy to be daily checked and maintained,In this paper the components and working principle of the equipment are introduced,and its application could provide the proof of its values.


The oil is sucked into heating system by vacuum and atmosphere pressure difference, after heating, large mechanical impurities will be removed by coarse filters, then demulsifying filter separate the mass water from oil and discharge from cooling system. When getting into big vacuum chamber, the oil become oil mist by sprayer, the moisture dissolved in oil is evaporated and discharged through vacuum pump. After dehydration, the fine filter will do precision filtration and 99.5% of particles over 1.0 micron are removed. Then the cleaned oil is pumped out by oil pump.


Chongqing HLA company LVP-Series Vacuum hydraulic oil purifier is specially designed for maintaining absolute cleanliness of hydraulic and lubricant oils, the particulate and moisture contamination in oil will affect the performance and life of mechanical equipment, LVP oil purifier machine can separate water, gas, particles rapidly and demulsify completely for recovery of oil’s properties, such as viscosity, flash point, performance etc. And so as to greatly extend lifetime of machinery. This oil purifier also can be used for purification of turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil,compressor oil, refrigeration oil and other industrial oils, so it is wildly applied in electric power, metallurgy, mining, chemicals, transportation, manufacturing, petroleum, railway etc. LVP-series hydraulic oil purifier is the most reliable, versatile, durable, and user-friendly machine in the industry today.




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