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An Analysis of Main Technical Data on the Three-phase Vacuum Purifier For Transformer Oil

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An Analysis of Main Technical Data on the Three-phase Vacuum Purifier For Transformer Oil

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This article mainly analyzes the necessity and importance that the super high voltage transformer oil should be thoroughly treated.And it also analyzes the key factors that considerably influence the efficiency of the Vacuum Purifier.In addition,it describes the general design concept for the vacuum purifier.The study pointed out that the vacuum degree is the principle factor that influence the efficiency of the Vacuum Purifier based on the constant system conditions like flow rate,temperature of the oil.After detailed calculations on the main technical data,comparing with the single vacuum chamber Transformer Oil Vacuum Purifier,the result shows that the Double-stages vacuum chamber Oil Purifier performance has great advantages both in treatment efficiency and effectiveness.


Chongqing HLA company DVP series vacuum transformer oil purifier is double stages transformer oil purifier, it is very popular in market, because our company DVP machine adopts the advanced design, the machine has two vacuum horizontal vessels, so the speed of dewatering and degassing is more quickly and completely than one vacuum vessel.


DVP machine adopts double vacuum pumping system (vacuum pump and booster pump), so it is strong power in vacuum evacuating, it can make sure the working vacuum reach

to -0.098MPa,


DVP machine use high quality spare parts, like the machine body is cool carbon

steel materials; stainless steel oil-film -sprayer, high quality valves, Filters (fine filter

is one micron), oil foam detector, Ball valves etc,which can make sure machine good

performance. The treated oil can reach to following indexes:

Water content: 3 ppm

Impurity1 micron

Gas content: 0.1%

Dielectric strength: over 75KV


If you need use the machine in outdoor, we can make trailer type which is enclosed

structure, waterproof, dustproof and can move long distance working in outside field.


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