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EE36 Moisture Tester/Transmitter

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EE36 Moisture Tester/Transmitter

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Transmitter Series EE36 are specially designed for the measurement of water content in oil, it can be portable or online use. They are certified in accordance with the regulations of the "Germanischen Lloyd (GL)" and therefore can be utilized in the maritime field as well. EE36 is ideal for online monitoring of moisture in lubrication or insulation oil after installing on equipments, which is very important for the long-term performance and adaptive maintenance of plant and machinery. For instance, moisture affects dramatically the insulation characteristics of electrical transformer oil and therefore continuous monitoring is extremely important.The modular housing enables a user-friendly operation and a quick replacement of the sensor unit for service purposes.The construction of the transmitter makes field and local loop calibration an easy task.

EE36 is dedicated for the accurate and reliable measurement of moisture in lubrication oil in maritime applications and is certified according to the “Germanischer Lloyd (DNV GL)”. The device is specifically approved for use in MAN B&W marine diesel engines for instance.


The outstanding long-term stability and resistance to pollution of the EE36 rests on the high-end E+E capacitive sensing element of the HC series.


Humidity measurement in oil: 

The monitoring of the moisture in lubrication oil is of paramount importance for the long-term performance and predictive maintenance of the machinery. The moisture in oil is described by either the absolute value “water content” x (ppm) or the relative value “water activity” aw:


0The water content x (ppm) represents the ratio between the mass of water and the mass of oil.

0The water activity aw is the ratio between the actual moisture content and the maximal moisture content of the saturated oil.

aw = 0 corresponds to completely dry oil, while aw = 1 means a fully saturated oil.


EE36 measures the water activity (aw) and the temperature (T) and calculates out of them the water content x. The accu-rate calculation of the water content of a certain oil requires a set of oil specific parameters.


The measured and the calculated values are available on two free scalable and configurable analogue outputs as well as on the optional display. Additionally, EE36 can be fitted with a relay module for alarms and process control purposes.



The sensing probe of EE36 is designed for continuous online monitoring. In addition to the fix installation, the use of a ball valve allows for insertion and removal of the probe without process interruption.


Easy Adjustment: 

The user can easily readjust the transmitter by using either a simple procedure with two push buttons on the printed circuit board or the free configuration software.


Product Configuration Software (EE-PCS):

The free configuration software (download at allows for easy setup of the analogue and alarm outputs, as well as for the adjustment of the water activity and temperature readings. Furthermore, the EE-PCS facilitate the replacement of the sensing element or of the sensing probe.


Features of EE36:

1.Measurement of aw and T at pressure up to 20 bar (300 psi) P

2.Calculation of water content in ppm P

3.Two free scaleable and configurable analogue outputs P

4.Probe cable length up to 20 m (66 ft) P

5.Easy on site adjustment and calibration of aw and T outputs P

6.LED indication for operation and sensing probe status P

7.User configuration of the instrument with PC via RS232 interface P

8.Configuration software P

9.Display of aw, T and water content with MIN/MAX function  (optional)

10.Two free configurable relays outputs (optional)

11.Pluggable sensing probe  (optional)

12.Connector for power supply and outputs (optional)


Technical Data:

Measuring values

Water activity



Measuring range



(including hysteresis, non-linearity and repeatability, traceable to intern. standards, administrated by NISTPTB, BEV...)

-15...40 °C (5...104 °F)       ≤0.9 aw        ± (0.013 + 0.3%*mv) aw

-15...40 °C (5...104 °F)        >0.9 aw        ± 0.023 aw

-25...70 °C (-13...158 °F)                     ± (0.014 + 1%*mv) aw

-40...180 °C (-40...356 °F)                    ± (0.015 + 1.5%*mv) aw

Temperature dependence of electronics

typ. ± 0.0001 [1/°C]  (typ. ± 5.6 * 10-5 [1/°F])

Temperature dependence of sensing probe

typ. ± (0.00002 + 0.0002 x aw) x ∆T [°C]  ∆T = T - 20 °C

Response time with stainless steel filter at 20 °C (68 °F) / t90

typ. 10 min in still oil


Temperature sensor element

Pt1000 (tolerance class A, DIN EN 60751)

Working range sensing probe

-40...180 °C (-40...356 °F)

Temperature dependence of electronics

typ. ± 0.005 °C/°C



Two freely selectable and scaleable analogue outputs

0 - 5 V            -1 mA < IL < 1 mA

0 - 10 V           -1 mA < IL < 1 mA

4 - 20 mA         RL < 500 Ohm

0 - 20 mA         RL < 500 Ohm


Adjustable measurement range

Water activity  aw


Temperature   T

-40~180°C (-40~356°F)

Water content  x




Supply voltage

8...35 V DC

12...30 V AC  (optional 100...240 V AC, 50/60 Hz)

Current consumption  - 2x voltage output

for 24V DC/AC:     typ. 40 mA

Current consumption- 2x current output

for 24V DC/AC:     typ. 80 mA

Pressure range sensing probe

0.01...20 bar (0.15...300 psi)

System requirements for software

WINDOWS 2000 or later; serial interface

Serial interface for configuration



Al Si 9 Cu 3 / IP65 / Nema 4

Cable gland

M16 x 1.5    cable Ø 4.5 - 10 mm (0.18 - 0.39”)

Electrical connection

screw terminals up to max. 1.5 mm² (AWG 16)

Sensor protection

stainless steel filter

Operating temperature range of electronics

-40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)

Working and storage temperature range

Housing with display

-20...50 °C (-4...122 °F)

Storage temperature

-40...60 °C (-40...140 °F)

Electromagnetic compatibility according to

EN61326-1    EN61326-2-3     ICES-003 ClassB

Industrial Environment           FCC Part15 ClassB

DNV GL-Certification

Environmental Category D

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