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ZJY083 Acid Value Tester

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ZJY083 Acid Value Tester

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In power system and industrial and mining enterprises have a lot of oil filled electrical equipment, transformer oil, and the acid value of turbine oil is a regular inspection items shall be measured. ZJY083 automatic acid value tester is designed and made as per the standard of GB/T264-83 and ASTM D445 Petroleum Products, it is used for acid value analysis of insulation oil, turbine oil and other samples. ZJY083 adopts new and advanced microprocessors, electronics, optical, mechanical and chemical integration design, which realizes high degree of automation and computer control, completely replaces manual operation, raised the working efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, it makes the measurement accuracy, high positioning accuracy, the titration end point accuracy, reproducible results accuracy. The operation is simple, easy to use, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable. ZJY083 can be widely used in electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection and other fields.


1. Using 320 x240 graphic dot matrix liquid crystal display screen, full screen, touch keys, friendly man-machine interface;

2. Using neutralization titration principle, use microcomputer to control automatically add liquid at room temperature, and titration, stirring, judge titration end point, LCD screen display and can print test results.

3. Color sensor coordinate titration end point detection, the judgment of end conditions is reliable.

4. Don't need to waste liquor cup.

5. Extract and neutralization liquid by a peristaltic pump control, high measuring accuracy.

6. History inquiry, instruments and automatic memory function, with the result of the experiment time automatic storage of record, and is not lost the data after power off, can be stored for more than 10 years, for later queries to print.

7. Calendar clock, temperature compensation, as accurate, record the date and time, determination in power to run more than 10 years;

8. With special reagent bottle holding extract and neutralization liquid, reagent in use process not exposed to air, avoid the influence of solvent evaporation and CO2 in the air; Users don't have to hand contact with solvents, reducing the organic solvents and chemicals to the harm of human body.

9. The equipment is simple operation, using large screen LCD and Chinese menu options, users only need to choose the menu function, according to the relevant data of the screen prompts, the instrument can automatically complete the determination of acid value.

10. The tester still can choose according to need only one sample or continuous measurement of 2-6 samples.

11. Convenient communication with the computer with RS232 interface

12. Micro printer, thermal makes printing more beautiful and more quickly, with offline print function.


1. The power supply voltage: AC220V±20%,50Hz±10%

2. Determination of acid value range: 0.0001~0.50000mgKOH/g

The minimum resolution: 0.0001 mgKOH/g

Accuracy: acid value 0.001~0.1000 mgKOH/g, allowed error range: 0.02 mgKOH/g

Acid value 0.1000~0.5000 mgKOH/g, allowed error range: 0.05 mgKOH/g

3. Dimension: 420 x270x260 (mm)

4. Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃

5. Relative humidity: < 85% RH

6. Weight: about 9 Kg

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